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Have You Seen This Man?

Art vendors in Union Square on Saturday were protesting a proposal by the Bloomberg administration to slash their numbers by as much as 75 percent. Most had small yellow signs taped to their tables that said “Artist Power,” but one vendor got especially creative:

The sign is reminiscent of the debate over Bloomberg’s successful push to extend term limits last year.

There has long been tension between the public’s right to use “public space” and the government’s power to administer that space. I wrote about what some call the “privatization” of public space–a trend encouraged by the government–in an article for City Hall last year.


This Month’s Highlights

My stories in City Hall and The Capitol this month:

Officials in New York are recreating a 1980s-era Insurance Exchange, for which many potential participants, such as AIG, are requesting preferential tax treatment–a politically toxic idea in the current environment. (Mayor Bloomberg is also on board.)

Cash-strapped Republicans are narrowing their sights in the high-stakes battle for control of New York’s State Senate–which will determine the power to redistrict in 2011.

The Bloomberg administration’s signature anti-homelessness initiative will face its first test in the coming months, as thousands of families come off the program and run head-first into the sour economy.

Some Democrats fear that Sen. Hiram Monserrate, who was convicted last year of misdemeanor assault, could reclaim his seat in a special election even if he is expelled (he has vowed to run regardless of whether his colleagues oust him).

And here’s City Council Speaker Christine Quinn endorsing Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand — and criticizing former Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. — Friday on the steps of City Hall: